• Kinetix Dance School prides itself on the quality of teaching and the warm friendly environment our classes are held in. Young students master technique & grace in Classical Ballet, Hip Hop & Musical Dance Theatre. For our Adults we enjoy Classical Ballet, Hip Hop & Zumba classes. JOIN US ANY WEEK! Learn dance styles and techniques from basic steps to more advanced combinations whilst having plenty of fun and being active, leading to a healthier heart and happier feet. We look forward to dancing with you!

  • Fully registered with Zumba Instructors Network

Private Dance Lessons at Kinetix Dance School Dublin

Under Private Dance Lessons

For those who wish to master a particular style, whether it be for an event, exam, party/function or just for fun.

We offer private lessons in many styles at Kinetix Dance School and these are available to children, young adults and adults.

Private dance tuition styles include: 
Ballroom dancing
Latin American
Hip Hop
and much, much more!

Wedding Dances -please use weddings@kinetixdance.ie Email address

Call us to book your lesson with us  or alternatively we can arrange to come to you.

For more info and to personalise your lesson please call us on 086 6638037 or email us at info@kinetixdance.ie

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